Handmade optical silver gelatin print 100×80 cm. 1 example. Photo were taken with film camera FKD 5×7 inches (sheet film 4”x5” Fomapan 100). Multiexposure. This work was presented at the exhibition “Metamodern: search for perfection”  in July, 2019, in Museum of Kyiv history

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The main idea: objectified visualization of intergenerational communication. At the center of the composition is the Tree of Life, an ancient symbol of the combination of past, present and future, a symbol of the connection between generations. Fishes, like heraldic beasts support the central element and a small ones are on the  background for it (reference to the Ukrainian ornament and works of painter Maria Primachenko)
These fishes are porcelain caraf and wineglasses, their choice is not accidental. At one time they were extremely popular, in the second half of the twentieth century. They had a place of honor, were in almost every family, our grandmothers were no exception. I don’t know why, but these porcelains caused me a persistent aesthetic rejection, only over time it became clear that behind the unacceptable form hides a perfectly acceptable content. In the socio-economic conditions of the USSR it was a manifestation, the material embodiment of comfort and well-being. The main sense of the seria “Fish” is an aesthetic decommunization, it isn’t a nostalgia or glorification of the lost, but an attempt to see the real, timeless significance, hidden behind the mass culture form. This is an attempt to visualize to the conscious past not idealized or, on the contrary, rejected, that allows to ensure the longevity and continuity of existence.


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