Fish waiting for coffee break, part 1.


Handmade optical silver gelatine print 29x40cm
Created with camera: FKD 13×18 cm, lens:FUJINON W 1:5.6/180 .X-ray film : Kodak MXG 13×18 cm, developer: Leica New Two-Bath Developer (Stöcker). Double exposure

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This photo was taken  with a double exposure. We used a ceramic decanter from the “Fish” set of the Soviet period and coffee cup. There is a game with the metaphor of fish / thought / image, rising from the depths of the subconscious to make a break for coffee.

“Next morning Knecht sat down by the goldfish pool and gazed into the cool small world of darkness and light and magically shimmering colors, where the bodies of the golden fish glided in the dark greenish blueness and inky blackness. Now and then, just when the entire world seemed enchanted, asleep forever in a dreamy spell, the fish would dart with a supple and yet alarming movement, like flashes of crystal and gold, through the somnolent darkness. He looked down, becoming more and more absorbed, daydreaming rather than meditating, and was not conscious when Elder Brother stepped softly out of the house, paused, and stood for a long time watching his bemused guest. ” Hesse Hermann “THE GLASS BEAD GAME”, page 27


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