Exception handling from Science Art Collection


Conceptual mixed-media painting, acrylic and oil pastel on canvas.
60x80x1,8cm. The artwork was exhibited at the Swiss Art Expo in Zurich.


The painting was exhibited at the SWISS ART Expo 2019 in August in Zurich. “Exception handling” is a conceptual painting. It is a part of the Science Art collection made with a deep blue color.

On the canvas, the artist drew the formulas and a piece of Java code with Exception handling. Minimalist painting with deep blue color and white chalk writing. The artwork uses the principle of color field painting – a blue base color with a depth effect. The symbols and formulas are used as abstract elements.

Shipping without framing.

The original artworks from the Science-Art Collection have been presented in art galleries and art fairs in Europe – Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. The unique style that combines art and science is a highlight for any contemporary art exhibition. Some of Anastasia Vasilyeva’s artworks are already in the Art Museum in Estonia (Narva City) collection.

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Weight2 kg
Dimensions80 × 1.8 × 60 cm



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