Edwin Scharff and his lithograph Die Brüder



Edwin Scharff and his lithograph Die Brüder.

10 3/4 x 6 3/4 in. (27.31 x 17.15 cm) (image)13 7/8 x 10 1/8 in. (35.24 x 25.72 cm) (sheet)

Edwin Scharff was a German sculptor, painter, and graphic artist who was active in the early 20th century1. He was influenced by expressionism and realism, and created many portraits, landscapes, and animal sculptures1. Die Brüder (The Brothers) is one of his original lithographs, published in 1921 in the art magazine Genius2. It depicts two men in a close embrace, with their faces and bodies merging into one another. The lithograph is a powerful expression of brotherhood and solidarity, as well as a reflection of Scharff’s interest in human anatomy and psychology


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