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Painting with Acrylic on Canvas, 34 × 26
Work portrays a female drummer,singing & dancing metaphorically to life.
Pick up your drumsticks,
There’s a deep awed silence, a revered stillness in the moments of anticipating what that first stroke to your drum will create for a sound vibration and what that will do to your soul.
Create your own rhythm and move to the beat you produce, always step lift and dance around courageously in every season whether good or bad dont let it rule over you. Switch your dance moves when ever the rhythm changes .
Let the fire in you burn.
Inspire in you Passion
Inspire in you love
Inspire in you hope & Joy
Move into the new, be adventurous.
Play the drum of your life with Passion and Perseverance, there’s much melody for you to produce.
Believe in your dreams, work hard, Pray and you’ll achieve greatness.✌