Dolce, 2020 – acrylic, 100x120cm


The artist explores the feelings associated with the experience of the past. The focus of the project is on a woman, namely on her emotional states and feelings. The artist’s desire to convey the beauty of the moment forces her to abandon the color and details of the images, personification of faces. The only thing left for the viewer – think about is the artistic image.

“FRAGILE” is a symbolic author’s project about impressions and memories. The original technique of “parallel lines” gives a fragile elegance to the image and brings to the theme of the vulnerability of the soul. Parallel lines symbolize the essence of being and the infinite flow forward. Like Strings Theory, which states that the smallest particles are the strings that sound and create our Universe.

This is, indeed, the intention to comprehend the world of emotions and feelings, an attempt to penetrate into the inner world of the viewer, to touch the mystery of his soul.

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