Dmitry Shevchuk “Eve”


Height 18 cm
Width 7 cm, length 6 cm
Shevchuk D. 2021
Work of the author from beginning to end.
Bronze, casting.
Original work of art, edition 1/10.
Condition: excellent, from the sculptor’s studio.

Rare author’s sculpture of the conceptual master – Dmitriy Shevchuk.
Familiar to everyone plots are presented in a new, unusual presentation and decorated with the author’s humor. Series “Satire as Art of life” has won the hearts of many collectors around the world. Creativity by Dmitry Shevchuk is represented in many private collections in Ukraine, USA, Italy, Germany and Poland.

The title of the sculpture, “Eve”, refers viewers to the world history of mankind – the first girl with whom our species begins. The author symbolically presented the image of Eve with an apple on her head, thereby depicting it as a burden for her head.

Shevchuk Dmitriy Viktorovich – was born in 1964 in Kiev (Ukraine). Artist and sculptor works in his own workshop in the Kiev region. In 1991 he graduated from the Kiev Art-Industrial School (now Kiev State Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts and Design named after M. Boichuk). After studying he was engaged in manufacturing of master-models (sculptures of small forms) for manufacturing firms both in Ukraine and abroad (Italy, USA).

Particular recognition of the author received after the release of the author’s series of sculptures – “Satire as the art of life. This is an ironic series of caricatures, which turns the viewer to the philosophy of everyday life and encourages us to look at everyday things through the prism of the author’s humor.

The author’s work from beginning to end – the author himself makes the figure in wax, applies a layer of clay, then – melt the wax. After that he pours the metal. The last step – the author puts the finishing touches (sanding, soldering) and the figure is ready. The entire process from research to finished figurine takes about 3-4 weeks.

Until today, about 30 stories have been created (edition each of them up to 10 copies). Although the series is small, but the sculptor manages to create quite exclusive, original, funny and beautiful sculptures.

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