Diana Budzhina “Revival through time. I AM the beginning of a new”

2021; canvas, acrylic; 90 х 120 cm

This picture part came to me in my dreams. The language of symbols sets out the truth. Merging together like a mountain river and going to the source of the TRUTH OF OUR BEING. Revival of the sacred mission of WOMAN on the planet Earth. On the one hand, a picture of the basic divine laws of the universe. And on the other hand, about the triune WOMAN: Woman is a divine creation, Woman – man, Woman is a creation. There is a riddle in this picture. By solving it, we will be able to overcome BREAST CANCER forever. And there is also an answer to the question: “Who was the first creator on the planet Earth, a woman or a man?

About artist: Diana Budzhina
Diana Budzhina – jeweler – enameller, perfumer, freelance artist – painter, healer from God.
Participant of international exhibitions.
“My works are in private collections in Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Russia, Italy and the USA.
Award of Royal Honor, awarded the Ukrainian – French Order “QUEEN ANNE” HONOR OF THE FATHERLAND in 2020.
In 2021 and in 2020 she entered the TOP 100 OUTSTANDING WOMEN OF KYIV REGION
2019 and 2020 winner of the All-Ukrainian award “THE BEST UKRAINIAN WOMAN IN THE PROFESSION”
2019 – received the PRIDE OF UKRAINE award.
In 2021 she entered the chronicle UKRAINIAN WOMEN OF THE 21ST CENTURY.

I am writing about an unknown sacred world.

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