Title: The JUDGMENT Execution 2001 Measuring 113X66 Mixed technique;
casting bronze – agate stone – brass plate – ostrich egg.

The work is published with its official and international listing on ARTPRICE for € 15,000.

The work of art was exhibited with the Amedeo Modigliani Foundation – see certificate attached photo.

The work represents a moment in the book of Revelation, where the archangel Lucifer after his
rebellion against God is defeat, is brought in front of God his father. It is shown here as an egg is a symbol of cosmic totality. And in front of the presence of the Father Creator, Lucifer covers his face in the sense of total shame for the act of treason. The mirror at the bottom is the reflection of God that reflects all the things of the world, and Lucifer is reflected in it, and is judged not only by God but by the whole of creation also represented with the material surface of gold that is divine light. Light even more powerful light emanating same Lucifer, whose meaning is “the One who shines over all” hence the title of “THE JUDGMENT“ which is the condemnation of the same Lucifer who is favorite son, to his fall into hell.

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