Execution 2020 Measuring 140×100 technique: Oil paint on canvas wooden table support.

The work is present with its official international listing on the ARTPRICE platform.

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The pictorial work “THE HAWK’S EYES” is the third in the series entitled “The Infinite Stories”.

In the garden of silence a red rose has blossomed, and a secret man looks high into the sky as he crosses space. The rose noticing him, begins to desire him and the unsuspecting man, accomplished in his thoughts, becomes a visionary of a hawk that, having crossed time, appears in the moment in search of something flying over the garden. The rose resolute of passion, that man wants, while around her, a snake travels a street in search of prey. The rose asks the snake to kill the man, offering him the bed of its blood petals. The Hawk saw the fact, throws himself on the snake grabbing it, while the man with the eyes of the bird of prey notices the red rose. He begins to love her with all her ardor, while the petals of the rose fade to death, leaving an illusory memory. The secret man has forgotten love, now he flies into space enveloped by his dreams.


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