Atlantic Breeze Unique diamond know-how: Precious Ring


Lobortas Classic Jewelry House. Materials: 18K gold; white diamonds – 179 pcs, 1.32ct; 0.15ct central white diamond – 1 pc; 1.62ct colourless topaz – 1 pc. Diamond dusting in jewellery is often compared with sparkling streams of radiant water. In the ring of Atlantic Breeze, master jewellers used a new innovative type of diamond mounting, protected by an international patent. Owing to this, the strip strewn with small diamonds looks like a flowing stream of clean water, and thin elegant ribbons of small diamonds above it resembles streams of air filled with sparkling drops. In the centre of the ring, there is a unique combination of a hand-cut colourless topaz and a diamond united into one indivisible whole. The inspiration of the artists was embodied in the image of a thin and elegant ring filled with shimmering of the world’s most precious stone. THE WORK’S FEATURE: Precious Ring Atlantic Breeze of the Lobortas Jewelry Innovations House is a unique know-how of the jewelry world. The twenty-first century made it technologically possible to turn a diamond with a diameter of less than half a millimeter into the “king” of 57 faces. This made it possible to achieve a new level of diamond coating, which allows you to cover 98% of the surface of the precious metal with the brilliance of an unsurpassed stone. This invention is a new step unparalleled in the jewelry art. This invention is patented. An American patent is attached.

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