Irina Sushelnytska ~SILa~ “Leda”

2019; acrylic on canvas; 150 x 250 cm

The #MeToo movement shows the true extent of violence against women around the world — something we face in different countries, in different regions, on all continents. This is a problem of power and permissiveness. Despite the fact that gradually everything began to change, the world still lives with stereotypes that need to be fought.
Women have become more aware of their own value. And now they are much less willing to tolerate humiliating treatment.
Leda appears in the image of a super-heroine, a model of a new woman-strong and self-sufficient, with super-strength, an Amazon and a warrior who enters into an active struggle with her enemies.

About artist: Sushelnytska Irina Lyubomirivna (SILa)
South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K.D.Ushynsky
Art and Graphic Faculty.
Visual art.
Master’s degree with honors.
– Participant of city, regional, all-Ukrainian and international exhibitions.
His works are in museums, galleries and private collections in Ukraine and abroad.
Exhibitions 2021:
-2021-museum of Western and Oriental art. (personal exhibition)
-2021-Participation in the international exhibition and Festival of contemporary art “CONNECT” Mykolaiv ART Week
-2021-Victory Gardens Gallery (solo exhibition).

“We exist on a changing background of images, in the midst of an endless stream of information, immersed in a new, augmented reality.
The world that exists in endless motion is filled with an innumerable and diverse, endlessly forming stream of symbols and forms. All people live in different worlds, in different interpretations of existence. The world is infinitely diverse and at the same time one. I transform observations of nature and events into abstract models. The result is compositions full of contrasts and energy, which are the essence of my art.
My works are thoughts about the world visible and hidden, about feelings experienced, about the conscious and unconscious, about the real and virtual. About the individual and society in the era of globalization and the world to which it is necessary to constantly adapt and live in the conditions imposed by politics, forming unified values and norms. And about personal reflection and experience finding its meaning.
The shapes and textures that I use have a plastic effect, a sinuous, floating, elusive shape like floating time, fixing the state of movement. Nothing remains the same, everything is in an endless stream, sometimes combining, then breaking up into parts, and when it breaks up again, it tends to unite.
For me, color and textures are very important, which form bright contrasts that enhance perception by transmitting the necessary emotion, forming a connection between the observer and the observed, connecting them energetically to form a visible dialogue.”

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