Angelika Aks “Prayer”

2020; oil, acrylic on canvas; 70 x 50 cm; Odessa, Ukraine

About artist: Angelika Aks
Angelika was born in 1985 in the city of Odessa. She is the artist, author of poems and stories. Works in traditional and mixed techniques of oil painting, in the genre of still life, landscape and portrait. Since 2015 she has been an active participant in exhibitions. Presented at the international art market, paintings are shown by the international agency Realty Gold World Ltd (London). The colleague and mentor, the artist Zlata Goncharova, had a great influence on creativity of Angelica. She is publishing lyrical writings and prose. Creates programs in the direction of art-therapy. Participates in charitable programs. Lives and works in Odessa.

2015 Odessa School of Arts “Aurum” (Odessa, Ukraine)
2014 Academy of Arts and Beauty, Design Class (Kiev, Ukraine)
2014 Art School “Mila-Art” (Odessa, Ukraine)
2014 Art School “Art-Provence” (Odessa, Ukraine)
2013 Art School “Master Class”, Portorable class (Odessa, Ukraine)
2012 Moscow University of Humanitarian and Economics (MHEU), Department of Psychology (Moscow, Russia)
2010 Private lessons (Odessa, Ukraine). Pedagogue: Goncharov Zlata.: Goncharov Zlata.
Creative Unions and Association
Ukrainian Union of Psychotherapists (UUP)
Community “School of Philosophy and Culture”

Projects and Events:
Solo exhibitions:
“Magic of contrasts” (Odessa library of I. Franco, online)
“Magic of Contrasts” (Museum of Shustov, Odessa, Ukraine)

Main group exhibitions:
“Art in the Interior” (International Forum “Odessa House”, Odessa, Ukraine)
“Sent by heaven” (Gallery “Underground”, Odessa, Ukraine)
“Music of thin spheres” (Gallery “Underground”, Odessa, Ukraine)
Itʼs not your body  (Online art gallery )
“Viral Art” (“dialogi.od”, online)
“Beauty of Ukraine” (Gallery “Underground”, Odessa, Ukraine)
“Paints of Autumn” (Gallery “Underground”, Odessa, Ukraine)
“Created from the edge of Adam” (Gallery “Underground”, Odessa, Ukraine)
“Art hen-party” (Gallery “Nikaart”, Odessa, Ukraine)
“Just” (Exhibition Center “Premier Expo”, Kiev, Ukraine)
“Fantasy World” (Museum of Shustov, Odessa, Ukraine)

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