Andrii Kotliarchyk “Volunteers. Age of Heroes.”


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2014-2018; Film 4×5 inches; Size 97×76 cm. # 1/12. C-print Price

It is printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital Paper Type DP II. Fuji professional photo paper optimally transmits the original colors, contrast and has a proven quality for years.

About the project:

History of the war in Andriy Kotlyarchuk’s photo project dedicated to volunteers, ATO veterans. Project with a length of five years: 2014-2018. Photography at zero kilometers. Non-random photos. Only on black and white wide film. Only per square frame. Hundreds of kilometers along a thin line of contact. Hundreds of thoughtful shots, hundreds of portraits of fighters before and after the battle. Hundreds of statements, memories, observations of contemporaries of events.
The photo project is not accidental, conceived from the very beginning. The first part of the photo project was demonstrated in the Verkhovna Rada, visited many museums in different cities of Ukraine. The exhibition was presented at the National Art Museum of Georgia. Now there is a large array of photos, through which we see how the Ukrainian army gradually became powerful. The pictures were taken in a single key, the portraits of the fighters look at us as if from the battle paintings of the past. In these faces we see courage and determination to win. Many genre scenes, landscapes and still lifes.
Is it possible to find aesthetics in war? Is it really attractive to show shocking moments of confrontation? Is it possible to combine documentary with artistic vision? Answers to these and other questions. Andriy Kotlyarchuk’s project “Volunteers. Age of Heroes”.

About artist: Andrii Kotliarchuk is the intellectual leader and ideologist of the modern Ukrainian photography art. Photographer and producer. He completed his education at Kyiv Shevchenko University and State Academy of the Cultural Management Resources Art Criticism department. He had held over forty personal artistic photography exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. He is rightly regarded as the creator of the new visual image art system in the Ukrainian photography. Being a bright personage among the modern masters he successfully merges national authenticity, classical photography with the latest achievements of the world’s modern photographic art. Andrii Kotlyarchuk uses both digital and color and black and white film in his work, shapes the new modern concepts, finds new unexplored areas and topics. In his pictures the solidity of image is flooded with romanticism, while the professional perception of the art masters is neighboring with the philosophic seriousness. The outside easiness of his works perception is based upon the complicity of the professional job. Andrii Kotlyarchuk is both producer and the executor of the advertising shooting sessions for many of the international brands such as Coca-Cola, GVC, Ericsson, Mercedes Benz, UNC, UTEL, Reemstma, Samsung and quite a few more. Andrii is the author of the largest in Ukraine celebrities portraits collection, among those are Leonid Kravchuk, Pierre Cardin, Tour Heyerdahl and others. His personal photo bank of the contemporary and vintage pictures numbers about 20 000 images and enjoys popularity with the editors of calendars, illustrated periodic editions. advertising agencies. The photo bank contains a number of sections: from mountain landscapes and Kyiv city architecture to still nature and natural textures. Each image is scanned and indexed. Andrii Kotlyarchuk has his own photography studio complete with the modern digital and analog equipment. Among other studio work directions is the artistic photography for the interior decoration. He had held over forty personal artistic photography exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad.


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