Andrii Kotliarchyk “Conversation with the dead at Trinity”


2021 Film 4×5 inches Size 97×76 cm. # 1/12. C-print Price 1000$

It is printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital Paper Type DP II. Fuji professional photo paper optimally transmits the original colors, contrast and has a proven quality for years.
“In the sacred tract, girls prepare for the rite of Conversations with the Dead. In the past, small villages in wild forests were located far from each other. And when it was necessary to solve a problem that has not been faced so far, there was nobody to ask. Therefore, they asked the Sacred Tree, in which they believed the ancestor lived, or the girls put into a trance dressed up with a tree and asked their ancestors how to solve a new task. People believed that ancestors could have had a similar experience. Today people usually search for answers in Google. But the ritual Conversations with ancestors did not disappear.”

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