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  • Dimesion : 34 × 26
    Good Condition and nicely rolled in Tube
    An abstract Painting which portrays a Goddess Playing an Ancestral Flute.
    Play around me the Ancestral Melody, the tunes that break the hardened
    rocks of a giant mountain.
    Play aloud on the wave pipes
    from one turbulent ocean of might.
    Hear not me that music
    but I hear a melody of an african bamboo
    flute from an ancient hill afar
    and its tune melts my heart and soul,
    and the same song, a new dawn
    borrowed for its day to play
    around when the clouds of thunder
    and lightening faded from its burden of sorrows.
    Play around me, that Ancestral Melody. Symbol on the cloth of woman is Ghanaian Ancestral symbol called “Chain Links” which signify Unity and togetherness, the spirituality of music.