Anastasia Bodnar “Blue City”


2020; painting; canvas, oil; 70×60 cm.

“Gravity”: Author’s concept of works
The city is a big mirror that shows who you really are and what your values ​​are. It’s like a litmus test of what you’re missing and what you’re really striving for. Staying alone for a long time, you feel an urgent need to communicate. In my works I show such a lonely man who wanders through an empty city. Empty, but not dead – full of lights that represent the same lonely people.

About artist: Bodnar Anastasia
She was born in 1983 in Kyiv into an acting family. I live and work in my hometown. She graduated from Kyiv Slavic University with a degree in Polish Language and Literature. She started painting and drawing professionally in 2014. In 2016 she entered the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. She studied in the specialty “Graphics is free”. Later she went to study with the Honored Artist of Ukraine, Viktor Volodymyrovych Svinaryov. I work on picturesque and graphic portraits and landscapes mostly in a realistic manner.
2017 – Kyiv, Artist Gallery, collective exhibition
2018 – I All-Ukrainian Triennial “New Art”
2018 – Kyiv, Center for the Arts “Chocolate House”, a collective exhibition
2019 – Kremenchug City Art Gallery, I International Triennial “Traveling Philosophy”
2020 – (June) IWS FIRÇA 1st International Watercolor Contest
(July) international competition “Woman in Watercolor”
2020 – (November) – Odessa, All-Ukrainian Biennale “Sea of ​​Watercolors”.