Ukrainian collection “Pray for Ukraine" NFT

Ukrainian collection “Pray for Ukraine” NFT
Invest in NFT and help Ukrainian people to survive in this war.
Please remember that 100% of funds collected from sales of NFTs from the Ukrainian collection go to Ukrainian refugees, temporarily relocated civilians and people affected by war in Ukraine. We appreciate every purchase.
Stand Strong with Ukraine!
Token Matic
Blockchain: Poligon
You need token address MATIC in Polygon wallet
The work is divided into 100 pieces and the initial cost of one piece is 100 Euro. You can choose any number of investment pieces. Each piece is a separate NFT.
This is NFT collection created by Valerii Tkachenko.
NFT Token and Real Work are interchangeable if you collected all 100% of tokens. The company conducts marketing and other promotions to increase the price of both the work itself and the token provided by this work. The real work is in storage at a licensed warehouse in Zurich. The minimum period for holding a token for investment purposes is 6 months. The underlying asset is always the collateral for a given NFT token.
Payment is possible as FIAT money and various payment systems, and cryptocurrency. For buyers of countries such as the USA, Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany and some others, a loan is provided in the form of an installment payment. The system determines the conditions during the checkout. showing your support of Ukraine.

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