Fractional investment - work by Serafym Charkin “Mirror"

Fractional investment – work by Serafym Charkin “Mirror” is included in the company’s investment portfolio, divided into 25 pieces, the starting price of each piece is 200 GBP. Any investor can choose any number of pieces to invest. The works included in the portfolio are promoted through various channels such as international art fairs, gallery exhibitions, the company’s auctions in London and New York, offering to private collectors and more. The goal in all promotion activities is to increase the value of the work included in the portfolio. Estimated yield -18% per year. The minimum investment period is one year.
Fractional ownership involves purchasing fractional interests of an asset. Each fractional interest represents a percentage of total ownership. Fractional investing may lead to those interests being traded on an exchange without the asset itself being sold.
With fractional ownership, people share the benefits, rights, and also the risks of ownership. This investment model is moderately stable and has the potential for significant returns. This is DigitalArt collection created by TimaxArt. The price for this work is confirmed in the world sales database : and . Each fractal (piece of work) has an option, which gives an opportunity, with a minimum investment of 200 pounds, to receive income and win the opportunity to get the painting itself in full or the money for which the painting will be realized. The more fractals (options) you buy, the higher your chances of winning or more income that you will receive when realizing the picture. You invest in art, you can always get your money back without any loss in value. The pledge of your investment is the work itself, which is stored in the bank. This is a collective investment and the income after the sale is distributed in proportion to the investment.

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