Next online auction

Dear Artists,

It is our great pleasure to announce that we are launching an auction on the London and New York online platform, one of the largest in the world. It covers more than 170 countries and 13 million bidders daily, 3,600,000 site visits per month, and 29% more successful deals than other art platforms – these are just a few figures about the world’s largest online art platform

To participate in the auction with Timax Global Ltd. you need to provide the following information:

  1. Biographical information (CV optional) about the artist, which clearly shows the exhibitions, where the works submitted for auction were presented.
  2. To complete Excel spreadsheet (download here). The Excel document is attached to the email and detailed.
  • Yellow columns are the mandatory.
  • Other columns are optional (desirable to fill, as they increase your chances to sell the Lot).

3. We need high-quality images of your artworks, because images create the first impression of it.

Image Requirements:

  • Images must end in .JPG, .JPEG
  • Images with extensions:

Min. Size (at least 1 side) 1000px x 1000px

Max. Size up to 10MB

Great images are just as important as descriptions, so make sure that you have 3-5 high quality images of your artwork. Using the original image size enables bidders to use the Zoom feature.

Important! Describe your work in detail, the great advantage at Auction is “story-telling” about your creation.

Should You have any question about filling the table, please feel free to  sent a mail  to