The online gallery and TimaxArt Auction House in partnership with the Ukrainian Association for Feminine Research in the Arts (UAFRA) announces a virtual art contest in support of artists during the pandemic.



  Pandemic coronavirus has a significant impact on social communication in the society. Quarantine measures and lookdowns have limited social connections between the people. The cultural sphere has suffered: museums and exhibitions, theaters and cinemas have often been closed. Artificial communication barriers have grown between the audience and the artists.

       However, a mutual attraction between people in the families, links between friends and acquaintances are not weakened. New ways and tools emerge for their development and implementation. Barriers stimulate/attract innovative thinking and a search for new forms. Creativity, like a magnet, unites creators and audience, innovators and consumers. The force of human gravity is the key for overcoming any crisis.


                We invite artists to speak on the topic “GRAVITY”!


The purpose of the contest

This project aims both to present young artists and support professionals in the times of digitization and reformatting of real art into a virtual one, providing an opportunity to promote (introduce) the artworks on the modern art scene.

The contest is open to all artists without age and geographical restrictions, or restrictions on techniques and styles. The works must correspond to the topic of the contest.


Contest organizers

* TimaxArt Auction House is an online gallery and auction house founded in 2017. The main activities are contemporary Ukrainian and European art. The international art online platform represents artists from more than 50 countries, different trends and styles. The gallery specializes in organizing and conducting online auctions, online and offline exhibitions, digitalization of contemporary Ukrainian art, as well as promotional artists through an international partnership with;

* Ukrainian Association for Feminine Research in Arts (UAFRA) is a public organization that promotes society of equal opportunities through the support of women's art, national and international art activism. Over the last three years, UAFRA together with the partners has held about 20 exhibitions of contemporary art in Ukraine and abroad.


   Duration of the exhibition

February 22d - March 10th, 2021


    The deadline for applications

February 8th, 2021, 12 p.m.


    Announcement of the participants

February 12th, 2021


    The artists selected to participate in the online exhibition will have the opportunity to:

* present artworks at online exhibition;

* receive a digital certificate of participation;

* present selected artworks on international online platforms and auctions:





* become listed in digital catalog of the exhibition, which will be promoted on the sites TimaxArt Auction House and UAFRA, as well as in social networks;

* be registered in artist’ database;

* get a free STORE artist placement on the TimaxArt Auction House website;

* be promoted through TimaxArt Auction House’ database of collectors and art dealers;

* receive a priority right to participate in exhibitions and online / offline art projects of TimaxArt Auction House and UAFRA.


    Artists who submitted applications will have the opportunity to:

To be considered for participation in future exhibitions and art projects of TimaxArt and UAFRA


Application fee – 30 Euros (up to 5 works)

How to apply:

    Send to Email

* Artist’ short CV (up to 300 words)

* A brief description of the works that connects them to the topic of the exhibition

* List of works submitted to the competition, with mandatory information (title, year of creation, technique, material, size, price)

* Photo of artworks (in the title - author's surname_work title)

Contact number: +380 (50) 186 03 54