Auction: "The New Year contemporary collection!"

Auction starts at 6:00 PM European Time 14 of December till 8 pm European Time 11 of January

TimaxArt auction house is offering at auctions a dynamic range of collectible works of Contemporary Art, Prints and Paintings, Photography, Sculpture and more. The Auction reflects the rich diversity of the modern ages through paintings, drawings, photographs, prints that span a variety of countries and genres. TimaxArt have a clear international focus, as art doesn't have any borders. We provide the best value paintings, sculptures, prints, and photography services for wholesale distributors, galleries, hotels, restaurants, furnishers, interior designers, and consumers as well. Whether you are a serious collector, or just starting out or simply decorating a home or office, there is something for you. Please join us on our art journey and we hope you enjoy our winter Auction "The New Year contemporary collection!".


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