Like many people and organizations around the world we can't stand by watching the enormous loss of life that is happening in Ukraine. Now our team is working on ways to help civilians that were affected by this war. All proceeds will be used to support Ukrainian refugees, temporarily relocated people in Ukraine and all civilians that require medical or other types of help now. We're Ukrainians and we stand with Ukrainian people. Please stay tuned!

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Digital Art collection of ukrainian art

We've added new Digital Art that celebrate Ukrainian heritage, culture and beauty. Show your support to Ukraine by purchasing Digital Art from the Ukrainian collection. For your convenience images are grouped in a few categories : views of Kyiv, Ukrainian nature and  brave cossacs.  One more time we want to highlight that all proceeds from the new Ukrainian collection of Digital Art go to support civilians affected by war in Ukraine. Stand with Ukraine, support the most vulnerable and enjoy art!     


Protect the Children

As part of our ongoing partnership with UNICEF, we are donating towards efforts to protect the welfare of the 7.5 million children in Ukraine. As conflict escalates so will the needs of the children and their families. The funds will go towards medical supplies, providing safe drinking water, social protection and emergency educational resources.

Support Refugees

We’re partnering with UNHCR to provide immediate emergency relief such as food, water, medical supplies and working to improve the living conditions in temporary shelters. International Strategic Action Network (iSans) first set up an organization in Poland in 2020. With their experience in the region, they are well established to restart operations to help welcome Ukrainian refugees. With People in Need (PIN) expertise in supporting refugees that suffer the consequences of war. Having an operation in Slovakia opens up another critical path of exit for people.

Protect the IDP

For some people, leaving their country is not an option, or they have not been able to. The International Rescue Committee reports that over 100,000 Internally Displaced People (IDP) within Ukraine. These people are most at risk of danger, therefore it is critical to provide assistance in-country too. Part of our work with PIN will involve their sister organization in Ukraine that is able to help provide assistance to those who may not be able to leave. UNHCR has been present in Ukraine since 2014, with field operations already operating in six locations countrywide, meaning they can issue emergency resources within country as well as to those who have fled.