Timax Art subscription packs


Starter Pack

*membership space (Store) on our site with a further presentation on minimum 3 online Auctions per month (optionally Lived or Timed Auction) on Invaluable.com or Liveactioneers.com; every Auction will present 3-5 artworks from your Store;

*after each online auction You will receive an online-catalog in Pdf-format;

*newsletter to our private database of collectors;

*media promotion — Social media marketing.

100 Products
Unlimited Days

Gold Pack

Includes Starter Kit PLUS:

*Artnet.com and Artprice.com Auctioning;

*registration on Artnet and Artprice Databases;

*advertisment on Artnet.com and Artprice.com.

100 Products
Unlimited Days

Premium Pack

*Full range of art-services;

*Individual work with client;

  Price on request – subscriptions@timaxglobal.com

1 Products
Unlimited Days