We are launching Next online Auction on 10.09.2021

TimaxArt Auction House   in partnership  with   World  Auction Houses  brings an international audience of millions to the heart of the bidding action in Art, painting, sculpture and Photography auctions across the globe.  170 countries, 13 million bidders daily, 4 million site visits per month - these are just a few figures that represent the outcomes results of this auction platform.

We are pleased to invite You to present Your works at this online auction with Timax Global Ltd. 

Registry as Vendor

If you would like to sell the art on Our online Auction in London and New York ( 2 Auction per Month)  you have to registry here as Vendor

Video-guide for Vendors

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1. Contemporary: paintings, drawings, sculpture.
2. Modern prints & multiples!
3. Contemporary art auction "Femininity!"

London, UK

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Expert Valuations IN 96 HOURS* (*During Working Days - Monday to Friday) From €70 Per Valuation 62 experts formerly of Sotheby's and Christie's, valuing your art, antiques, jewellery, memorabilia and more


As an Timax-Art collector, you’ll have access to special events and private viewings around the world. Engage with fellow collectors around the pieces you own, and experience the art world in a totally new way. The art world is hard to break into. We want to bridge the gap between the number of art lovers and the number of art collectors by making ownership of investment-grade artwork accessible to everyone

Investment opportunity for everyone from $10 in your poket

Timax-Art uses blockchain technology to create tamper-proof digital certificates linked to pieces of art. These certificates are highly secure and impossible to forge thanks to the cryptographic properties of blockchains. A single artwork is broken down into thousands of certificates, similar to how a public company issues shares. Investors can then purchase these certificates to own a percentage of a given artwork, and they can sell them back to other investors at any time via the Timax-Art exchange.

Monetization of knowledge

Timax-Art will help experts (art historians, critics, gallery owners, professional artists) to monetize their knowledge and abilities. They will earn Art Token through moderation, assessment, and attribution of images and pictures. We plan to use a world-wide community of experts who have been vetted and verified by investors with reliable professional reputations.

Cross-border payment and settlement

As artists and galleries become more global, there is an increasing demand for businesses to disperse, receive, and transact across borders, without delay, without friction, and using only a handful of bank accounts to manage liquidity. Our payment model is the emergence of a super correspondent banking network powered by a third-party utility which offers the infrastructure, liquidity pools and connectivity with payment rails across the globe to facilitate cheaper, faster and secure cross border payments.

About Us

By 2018, Timax Global is set to launch the first global FinTech marketplace on blockchain. Timax-Art Platform as a service which helps users maintain their ownership, lending , restoration , transportation and insurance coverage related to an artwork. Timax-Art uses blockchain technology to create tamper-proof digital certificates linked to pieces of art.

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