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#08VVT White Turf horse racing

NFT Collection #0008 V.  TKACHENKO "White Turf horse racing" by…



2022. Ukraine Size 60x500 cm. Canon 5D Mark 2 It…


#Happy birthday,Ivanna!

NFT collection #Happy birthday, Ivanna! 12.06.2022 , professional photo paper;…


“ My spring ”

2022. Ukraine Size 60x60 cm. Canon 5D Mark 2 It…


‘ Man’s worl‘

2022. Ukraine Size 50x70 cm. Canon 5D Mark 2 It…


#07 NFT “Toscany in the morning”

"Toscany in the morning"  , 2014   Size 80×100 cm.…


Multi NFT Roman Zhuk Rose bush

The work "Rose bush" by Ukrainian artist Roman Zhuk is…


Multi NFT Roman Zhuk Rose bush-25

The work “Rose bush” by Ukrainian artist Roman Zhuk is…


Multi NFT Roman Zhuk Rose bush-24

The work “Rose bush” by Ukrainian artist Roman Zhuk is…


Multi NFT Roman Zhuk Rose bush-23

The work “Rose bush” by Ukrainian artist Roman Zhuk is…


Multi NFT Roman Zhuk Rose bush-22

The work “Rose bush” by Ukrainian artist Roman Zhuk is…


Multi NFT Roman Zhuk Rose bush-21

The work “Rose bush” by Ukrainian artist Roman Zhuk is…


    TimaxArt is a new generation art acquisition platform, where every- one can participate in first-class works of art any time any amount and can manage these assets easily. The first-class works of art are insured based on transparent pricing by renowned art experts from various countries and, are tokenized on the blockchain technology according to their appraised value. In fact, thanks to smart contract technology, people can buy or sell the amount of art works participation listed in the market and the pre-sale process.

   TimaxArt is a pioneering asset-based tokenized art investment platform which uses NFTs, blockchain technology and cryptography to facilitate safe and secure investment in some of the most valuable blue-chip contemporary art on the market today.
The model provides state-of-the-art authentication at the point of sale and purchase while also allowing investors members to opt for partial and shared ownership in the artworks they carefully curate.

TimaxArt ...


Discover Art, You  Love From the Online Auction House.


NFT Marketplace. Mint, Own, collect and experience art masterpieces through blockchain and NFTs.


We make it simple to build a unique online store, sell your artworks, and develop your personal brand.


Browse collections, and auctions, read art blogs, find galleries and exhibitions and buy & sell art...

Alternative investment in Art plus blockchain technology

Our goal is devoted to the generation of profitable return by acquiring and disposing of various works of art, which is a classical buy and hold a strategy that will help to make a profit from investing in art. We are working with the already established artists and also emerging names.

ART fractionalization

Fragmentation involves taking a painting and dividing it into a grid (for example a 100x100 grid resulting in 10,000 particles). Each Fragment is unique, allowing the holder to enjoy a personal connection to the artwork within the overarching structure of collective ownership. Of these 10,000 Fragments, 90% will are sold to the public in a primary sale and 9% are withheld by TimaxArt. The remaining 1% are donated to the TimaxArt Foundation to be kept in trust. This is an important donation as the 1% acts as a shard ensuring that no one person can acquire all Fragments and claim possession of the physical piece. The TimaxArt Foundation’s bylaws restrict it from ever selling the particles held in trust. Furthermore, the Foundation will also be receiving a portion of all royalty revenues, which will go towards the conservation, preservation and display of the works in the Collection.



Buy Art

Select artwork you love.
The perfect way to find your perfect piece.


Sell Art

Sell your paintings, photography,sculptures, handmade jewelry, crafts, and more. whether you are an artist, gallery, collector, or just someone with art to sell, you can sell it on TimaxArt

About TimaxArt

We are building a global art blockchain market where assets are traded quickly and fairly on a liquid exchange. Creating portfolios and trading shares in masterpieces will be available to everyone.


Curatorial services

TimaxArt Auction house offers artist and real estate management and advisory services and art collection asset management to corporate and private clients.



We offer you a fastway to obtain preliminary estimates of your paintings and artwork.



Framed, sculptures or ceramics- we can help pack and ship your artwork today.



Our experts provide secure professional protection and experienced, knowledgeable white-glove-level care for canvas paintings, vertical art, horizontal art, art prints, photographs, sculptures, collectibles, and more.

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